Anacoluthon: incongruous, unconnected. It comes from Greek, what is out of the way, not agree. Shows excitement, confusion, or laziness.

Los Anacolutos born of the lower abdomen and broken eyebrows, engendered at the trains stations waiting lounges, went out shot as a spit. A Murcian, gymnastics ex_teacher and present atmosphere coordinator with lights and sounds, made a fist, a Valencian that fell to pieces in the Gents rain with her Journalism Studies; put her neck and an arts roving a swiss, Iberian Peninsula lover, had brought all with her tattoos. The three met playing Drama Arts (or art to overcome the drama) and from the Madrid- Barcelona- Valencia triangle, they have created Los Anacolutos; an excuse to purge their human depravity in an aerea commonly called “scenario”. Conscious of their incongruity, they left their pool's children,bold headlines, and laws firms; began to practice other languages and threw into inconsistency of the day to day using los Anacolutos as Almax for their jugulars...

Los Anacolutos are Isaac Torres, Gloria March and Tanya Beyeler.

Los Anacolutos are a collective group, whose members have a common target: to develop a project that it focus into the pulsion of desire. At that time, it began to develop Small Café, in late 2007. This first project will initially be understand as a laboratory, an artistic excuse to develop the stage research that worried the three components.
After two years of work, the members of the group completed the short version of the show and they presented it in the 2009 ACT Festival Bilbao, achieving good reception from audiences and critics.
Thanks to this festival and assembly result, Los Anacolutos enter in a network of young european creators, and participate in the international meeting of young artists in Belgrade, organized by the Dutch collective Stiching Nieuwe Helden.

In 2009, Small Café was selected for the Night Scratxe 2, a set where theater and performance artists exhibite fragments of their works, organized by Sleepwalker Collective.
From there, Small Café continues its tour through the contry. In April 2010, the show is represented in the Teatro de los Manantiales in Valencia, and in May of that same year, it's part of the programe set at Leoia Kalian (Bilbao) and also opens the Third Festival Hormonado of Bilbao.
Meanwhile the exibition on stages, Los Anacolutos develope the Living Room Tour, where Small Café is represented in the living room of private houses in different cities of Spain as Valencia, Alicante and Madrid.

In 2010, the collective starts its second creation, las ausencia, which also participated in the Night Scratxe in Vitoria and
2010 ACT Festival in Bilbao. This piece would be represented in 2011 at the Sala Mirador of Madrid and in Teatro Inestable in Valencia.

Likewise, Small Café begins in spring 2011 a short tour around England, in Brighton, Bath and London.


Videos Ainara Pardal
Photographs David Sardaña

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